How to make a powerful pneumatics at home

Hello my dear friends! Today I’d like to show you how to make a pneumatics with your own hands, or we may also call it wind gun, because we are going to use such pellets from the wind gun.


First of all we need a metal pipe. I have cut it from old refrigerator radiator. If you haven’t got such a pipe, it won’t be a problem to buy it in the market or jumble sale. It’s not critical to use a metal pipe, you may use even a plastic one. The main thing is that it must be tough not to bend, as it is going to be a barrel of a gun. Pay attention to the internal diameter of the pipe, it should correspond a bullet diameter. There are different pellets: 4,5 mm and 5,5 mm. This pipe has the diameter of 4,5 mm and the pellets are also of 4,5 mm. Next we need a wooden bar, one screw nail, a piece of gum, I have cut it from old car tire and two fittings, you have already seen them in my previous videos, you may buy them at the market for 1 dollar each one or remove it from old car or bicycle tire, pellets and a plastic bottle 0,5.


First of all we should make a hole in a wooden bar of 5-6 cm deep.


The first hole is ready, then we move to the second one. We make one more hole on the side till the middle of a wooden bar. Pay attention that the drill diameter and a metal pipe should be same.


In conclusion we make a hole through according the screw nail diameter.


Well, my dear friends, let me show you where to set all the things so that you won’t get into a mess.
In the first hole we will insert a barrel, in the second one will be a gun hammer, the third one is for screw-bolt with the bottle with pressed air. As far as you know this hole is made through and it has the same diameter as the screw nail does. That’s why you need to widen it on the side a bit for the screw-bolt diameter till the middle. The top hole we will seal with a hot-melt glue.


Then we set two screw-bolts on the top and bottom parts of a plastic bottle.


We start to put our gun together. Firstly we stick the barrel.


We insert the screw-bolt with the plastic bottle till the middle, it means we need to insert all the screw thread in the wooden bar.


We seal the top hole.


The pneumatic gun is almost ready, we just need to prepare and set the gun hammer. First we cut a gum stripe and screw in the screw nail. We should get the same semi-product. Then we insert the screw nail into the hole and seal all that around with the hot-melt glue to avoid the leak of air.


Well, guys, let me explain how the pneumatic gun works. First, we take a pellet insert it into the barrel and push it in with the barbecue skewer. We need to push it in because the pipe is not ideally even, so the pellet may stuck into the pipe. Then we inflate the bottle with the air and let’s see what happens. Here is the slider valve and the screw nail thrusts against it, we press the screw nail and the slider valve begins to release air and there’s no space to go for air, everything is leak proof, we sealed it with the glue. The the air goes up, it can’t leak from this hole because we have sealed it with the hot-melt glue and air has only one way to go through the pipe. It makes the pellet go out under the pressure.

Screenshot_12Screenshot_13 Screenshot_1

Do you know?
As a rule, the most powerful pneumatic guns are hand made ones. They have various caliber and, occasionally, they are of a quite high quality.

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