How to make a portable speaker for a cell-phone

Hi my dear friends!
In today’s video I’ll show you how to make a speaker for a cell-phone or tablet, etc.


Previously we have made a sound intensifier. Today we are going to make a body for this sound intensifier. It’s also can be made easily, I hope you’ll like this video. To make this body we need a polypropylene pipe. I’m going to show you the diameter, I’ve got the pipe with the diameter of 50 mm


and the dynamic is 55 mm in diameter.


At the first look it may seem that it won’t fit. But when you turn down the pipe, you’ll notice the joint with a bigger diameter, here it is also 50 mm, and this ring is 60 mm.


So that will fit ideally. You might notice a sealing ring inside. I intend to insert dynamic right inside the pipe, it will fit closely, I think the dynamic will be set ideally. First thing we have to do is to cut polypropylene pipe. We won’t cut it whole, we will leave such a piece for binding of the crown connector.


It must look like that. Take a borer and cut.


Then you should clear it out. We need to get such a semi-product. Put a plain CD or DVD on the table, attach polypropylene pipe on the center of the disk and circle it with a marker.


Take scissors and cut it our roughly, then we will even it with borer to make it look nice. After we cut out the disk, we attach dynamic to the speaker. Put the interior first, then press in the dynamic carefully. Unfortunately, dynamic doesn’t fit. I’ll cut a bit with borer. Then, take emery paper and file all this.


Before installing the dynamic we have to drill a small hole for a switch. I’ve unsoldered wires beforehand. I take a screwdriver with the heading and drill a small hole on top.


Checking, it’s good. Pass wires through and solder them to the switch. The first wire, the second one. It looks like this.


Insert all the interior and press the dynamic in.


Pull out the crown wire and a mini jack. Then, we have to stick the crown connector with hot-melt glue, and also fixate the wire of mini jack of 3,5 mm. Then we stick this part of disk. As you might notice, we didn’t drill a hole for air flow in the speaker, but there is a hole in the disk. We are making a small cut here for wires. Now we stick it with hot-melt glue carefully.


After we stuck the disk and connector, pulled out all the wires, that looks not very nice. So we take borer and cut the odds, file everything carefully. Well, guys, mini speaker is ready. You may see that everything is sanded properly.


The only thing I don’t like is the face part. You may cut a metal net and apply there, that would look very nice. I didn’t do that because I haven’t got a small metal net. If you like, you may dye the speaker in a black color. It will hide the parts of which it consists of, and also the CD part. Let’s test it. Insert nine-volt battery. Done. Then insert mini jack, load.


You might notice that the speaker makes a kind of puff sound, it’s so because I didn’t have a dynamic for 1 W, I used the one for 0,5 W. It turns out that the intensifier is more powerful and tears the dynamic a bit. So in case you use the dynamic for 0,5 W, I recommend you not to put the maximum volume. Generally, I’m glad that the speaker were made of hand-shifts at minimum expenses. It looks quite unusual and creatively, especially if you make some changes in its look, which I told about before. That’s all for today. Thank you very much for your attention. Don’t forget to press like, in case you liked it. Also, write in comments what you want me to show you in the next time. Have a nice day. Bye-bye.

Do you know?
Sound passes through granite 10 times better than through the air.
In today’s video I’d like to show you how to make a portable speaker for a cell-phone. In general, nowadays you can easily purchase portable speakers for a cell-phone as the price is low and the supply is big. However, it’s far more interesting to make it by yourself.

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