How to make a plastic foam cutter

Hello my dear friends. Today I decided to make a table for nickel-chromium cutter. You may be wondering for what I need it, if the cutter works well. I need it to cut plastic foam. If we cut plastic foam with two handles, or even attach weight, it will cut not evenly, but curly, as the weight will swing, and we won’t be able to hold handles strained strictly vertically.


In order to make a nickel-chromium we need an unnecessary stool, or you can make a small table with a plywood or chipboard piece, and attach four legs to it. Also we need a few wooden rails, a small coil from a pen or a toy, or remove it from an old radio, a piece of firm wire, screws, and the nickel-chromium cutter.


First, we have to measure the length of the nickel-chromium wire. We’ve got 27 cm.


Then, measure the coil, it has 1,5 cm in pressed state, and it will be stretching, so multiplying in two we get about 3 cm.


In total, nickel-chromium wire and stretched coil length is 30 cm. Transfer this size to the wooden rail, put a mark, and cut it.


Measure table’s width, it’s 48 cm, divide it in two as we need its center, so we get 24 cm. Transfer this size to the wooden rail. Pay attention that we have to transfer the size twice as we need two samples.


Then, put these two pieces together, and make a small hole to pass the wire through it. Bite the wire. Make a ring on one side, and a hook on another one.


The next stage is assembling of the U-shaped wooden frame. I think it will be clear for you without my comments.

screenshot_7 screenshot_8 screenshot_9 screenshot_10

Well, the main job is done. We just have to attach a nickel-chromium wire and power supply unit. I’ve made a loop on each end of the nickel-chromium wire to hook it up. Hook up one loop, then pass another hook through the coil, then hook up the coil on the top hook.


This keeps the nickel-chromium wire strained all the time. Well, let’s test it, and see how it works.

screenshot_12 screenshot_13 screenshot_14

That’s all, my dear friends. I’ve made such bricks, there are the plastic foam samples of the future floats. I could film the process of making the floats, if you are interested in it. That’s all for now. Thank you so much for your attention. Don’t forget to estimate videos, subscribe to my channel, and share my videos with your friends. I think everyone is able to find something interesting for himself. Thank you very much for your attention one more time. Bye-bye!

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