How to make a pen taser

Hello my dear friends! In today’s video I’m going to show you how to make a spy electric shock pen.


In order to make this pen we need one small nail, two lighters. First one is for heating a nail, and the second one to remove a piezoelectric element from it. We need a pen, it should be thick enough to put a piezoelectric element in it. Also it should contain a metal clip as it will conduct a sparkle. Then, we need a mini hacksaw and, of course, your favorite glue pistol.


Firstly, we have to remove a piezoelectric element from the lighter. As I’ve got an aluminum lighter which differs from simple cheap lighters, we need a small screw key to remove a piezoelectric element. Untwist the bolt, remove the core and a piezoelectric element. We move to the pen.


First, we have to take it to pieces. I forget to mention, that pen must contain a button. As you may notice there are plastic pieces on the pen, here is the first one, and the second one is on top of the pen. We have to remove it carefully as well.


Put a piezoelectric element next to the top plastic part, and put two marks: one near the end of the piezoelectric element button, the second one near metal part ending.


Now, take a mini hacksaw and cut it. We won’t use a middle part of a plastic cylinder any more. Remove a metal clip, heat nail with the lighter, and make a small hole.


Cut this part for piezoelectric element wire with the hacksaw.


Now let’s start assembling. Insert the button, then glue the piezoelectric element wire isolation intensively with a hot-melt glue to avoid sideways sparkle strikes. Stick a piezoelectric element evenly to the second part of the cylinder. Slightly bend a top part of the piezoelectric element wire, and insert this semi-product into the body of the pen.


Pass the wire through the hole carefully, then insert this wire into the groove we made before


and press it with a metal clip. Well, guys, electric shock pen is almost ready.


. Let me explain you how it works. Pushing the button and moving the pivot you press a piezoelectric element. Piezoelectric element produces a sparkle, which is passed through the wire to the metal clip. Holding the pen in a hand it gives an electric shock. You may also make a non fake pen.


Sticking the pivot to the pen, you may use it for writing. The only disadvantage is that the pivot can’t be moved back, but you can be sure that if you leave the pen on the table during break, a thief will be stroke with the electric shock. Also, you may entertain your friends with this pen, or joke on those students, who always leave a pen at home.

Do you know?
Military police in Alaska can’t receive electric shockers in their disposal, before they test them on their officers.

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