How to make a monopod with Coca-Cola bottle

Hi my dear friends! Roman is here with you as usual. Today I’d like to show you how to make a monopod at home.


As I read comments, which are supported by your likes first, I’ve read the suggestion from Sergey Seviakov, it was about how to make a monopod, it was supported by 6 people. We need a plastic bottle, nail, screw-bolt and a wooden brick.


The simplest monopod is the one made of bottle. I’m going to show you how to make it. Make a hole in the lid, then, pass the bolt through, twist the bolt into the camera, and twist the lid. We get such a holder.


The disadvantage of this holder is in the fact that we can turn it to the left and to the right only, and can’t move it down or upwards. I decided to upgrade this holder a bit, and make a controller to move it around. First, we need to take a bottle for 1,5-2 liters, it should be stable. We have to make a cut in the neck. You can make it using a heated nail or a side grinder.


Then, fill it with water to make it steady. We have to bend a nail into U shape. Then, there’s a wooden brick with 3 holes – two blind-ended holes on the sides, and one through hole in the middle. A bolt which corresponds the size of your camera fixation. This is a glue pistol to stick it all together. Firstly, apply some glue in the holes on the sides, and stick the nail.


Then, pass the bolt through, take a camera


 twist the bolt. Insert the sample, and twist the lid.


The monopod is ready. The main thing is that we are able to turn it left and right, and up and down. You may control the fixation with the lid. The more intensively you twist it – the better the camera will be fixed.


We have made such a holder. The construction is very simple, everyone is able to make it. I’m going to show you how to make a mini monopod with the used razor blades in the next video. Thanks for your attention. Bye-bye everyone.

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