How to make a monopod – a holder for selfie

Hi guys! Today I’d like to show you how to make a monopod. As for me, I’m tired of making videos for the second channel at arm distance, because there’s only a face visible on the screen, which looks not very nice. By the way, if you are not subscribed to my second channel, welcome here! I hope it would be as interesting as it is the main one, you’ll see how I spend my spare time.


Well, in order to make a monopod we need a hot air gun, screwdriver with the drill of 4,5 mm, polypropylene pipe with 20 mm in diameter, a clamp, a small bolt of 6 mm, a shoelace, glue pistol and a foam plastic square of 30/30 cm.


First of all, we have to heat top of the polypropylene pipe with the hot air gun, and then flatten it with the clamp.


After the pipe cooled down, remove the clamp, and heat the polypropylene pipe with the hot air gun again, flatten it with the clamp one more time. The most important thing is that we have to bend it to make the camera angle to film oneself. Camera angle may be individual for a person, depending on his height, arm position etc. I hope that everyone will be able to make the camera angle for himself.


Remove the clamp, and round the edges with stationary knife properly. Then, make a through hole with screwdriver in the middle of it.


We are moving to making the handle. Wrap the second part of the polypropylene pipe with the foam plastic and stick with a hot-melt glue. Cut the edges with stationary knife.


Drill a hole in one wall of the pipe and tie the lace.


Well, the simplest hand made monopod is almost ready. We just have to set the camera. As I’ve got a bolt, which is too long, and I don’t feel like cutting it, I’m going to use a small disk. Then, pass the bolt through the polypropylene pipe and twist it. That’s all, camera is fastened, you can start filming.


That’s all, guys, hand made monopod is ready. Ir’s very light and it moves easily, and the main advantage is that you won’t be tired holding it in the arm. The only disadvantage is that the polypropylene pipe is not telescopic, so if you decide to take it in a long trip, it will bring some inconveniences while transporting. One more advantage is a foam plastic handle which is very soft, and it’s convenient to hold the monopod. Don’t forget to subscribe to my second and main channels, and, of course, leave comments, estimate the video, as it ‘s very pleasant for me to watch your activity. That’s all for today. Thank you very much for your attention. Bye-bye everyone!

Do you know?
A professional monopod’s length is 170-180 cm.

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