How to make a mini USB vacuum cleaner

Hello my dear friends. Roman is here with you as usual. In today’s video I’d like to show you how to make a mini vacuum cleaner.


Firstly, we need 3 syringes. 2 syringes for 50 ml, and one insulin syringe for 1 ml, a small motor, I took it from a DVD drive. It has a disk holder, so it will simplify the process of a little turbine installation, a metal sponge for dishes washing. If you want to use a mini vacuum cleaner for gathering a big rubbish like seed shells or crumbles, you need a metal sponge. If you would like to clear up the dust, you may use cotton or a thick sponge. One plastic bottle and a piece of tin, which you may cut out from an unnecessary can. USB wire or a power supply. USB vacuum cleaner may work only from power supply or from USB wire. I’m going to make such vacuum cleaner, which is going to work from both as the power supply has USB connector. A piece of hacksaw, a glue pistol and a few more tools.


Firstly, we have to prepare a section for dust gathering, we have to remove plunger, and cut syringe at 30 ml mark.


We don’t need this part any more. Cut off these two noses, and stick two syringes in this way.


We have to get such a semi-product. Then take a drill for 8 mm, and make a through hole in the center.


Now we have to make a nose for a mini vacuum cleaner. Firstly, cut off the neck of a plastic bottle, stick it to the syringe, untwist the lid, make a small hole. Cut a top of the insulin syringe


pass it through and stick. Dust gathering section is ready.


To clean it, you need to untwist the lid, use a metal hook, pull out the sponge, beat it out or even wash off the dust.

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