How to make a mini tripod with the safety razor

Hello my dear friends. As I promised you, today I’m going to show you how to make a mini tripod with the simple safety razors.


. We need three safety razors. It’s better to use safety razors with rubber handles and a button for cassette change. Than we need to cut out such a triangle, drill a hole in the center of it, and polish angle wise the edges with file or emery. It’s needed to maximally draw the legs of the tripod near, not to splay them out. We also need a bolt of an appropriate size which matches the camera holder. We are going to stick it with a glue gun.


Let’s start. Firstly, we have to remove the blades from the safety razor. We have to get semi-products like these.


Then, put the wooden brick on the table, cover it with glue, stick the safety razors, which are going to substitute the legs of the tripod.


That’s all, the tripod is ready. Let’s test it. Insert the bolt, and twist in the camera.


. If you are going to use safety razors with changing cassettes, you will get a portable tripod. You just need to remove the legs and put the tripod in a bag, or in a camera case. That’s the little idea. Thanks for your attention. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel, and also press thumb up, in case you liked the video. Bye-bye everyone!

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