How to make a mini Tesla coil

Hello my dear friends! According to your numerous requests in today’s video I am going to show you how to make a mini Tesla coil.


What is needed for making it? In order to make a mini Tesla coil we need one switch, one resistor for 22 kilohm, a transistor 222A, a crown connector, PVC pipe of 8,5 cm long and 2 cm in diameter. We also need one a 9-Volt battery, 0,5 mm copper wire, which we need to install all these on the piece of laminate


First of all let’s make a coil. We have to spool a copper wire on the PVC pipe, making a space from the edges for about 0,5 cm.


We are fixing the wire with scotch for it not to unspool. After you have spooled the wire, you need to fixate the second end with scotch tape to prevent it from unspooling. That’s all, the coil is ready, we are sticking it to the piece of laminate with glue.


We are also sticking the switch, the transistor and the connector.


We move to wires connection. A lower copper wire we connect to the central transistor contact


also connect a resistor to it.


I didn’t mention previously that we also would need a small piece of cable of 15 cm in length and with the cut of 1 mm. It’s needed to spool the coil secondarily and the coil itself is a primary spooling. We spool this cable twice around the coil and fixate the both edges with a hot-melt glue to prevent it from unspooling.


Solder an upper end of the secondary spooling cable to the resistor.


Another end of the secondary spooling we solder to the right contact of the transistor.


Then connect the contact of the resistor with the wire of the secondary spooling to the contact of the switch.


Solder red wire of a 9-Volt battery connector which is plus to the middle switch connector.


A black (minus) wire we solder to the left contact of the transistor.


That’s all, guys! Mini Tesla coil is ready. We take a fluorescent lamp and test it.


Turn on the switch and approach it to the coil.
That’s all, my dear friends. Thanks for your attention, for watching the video. Don’t forget to press like or dislike, and write in comments what you want me to show you in the next video.

Do you know?
In 1904 Tesla begun to build a huge device for wireless transfer of electricity. When the banker Morgan, who was sponsoring his work found out about the purpose of the device, he immediately stopped paying Tesla. The device was not completed. In 1917 American authorities destroyed it totally.

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