How to make a mini table stove

Hi my dear friends! In this video I’d like to show you a brilliant idea of how to make a mini table stove. This small stove enables you to heat tea, coffee or any other drink at your computer seat or workshop. I also think that with the help of such a small stove you will be able to fry an egg or prepare some food, also you may heat some food. Guys, let’s make this mini stove first of all, and then test it and see what it is capable of.


To make such a mini table stove we need a screwdriver or a drill with 5 mm borer. Then, three bolts of 5 mm and 6 cm length, 9 screws, 1 candle, 2 preserves’ metal lids, and 1 marker. First, we have to remove the sealing elastic ring as it’s going to melt under high temperature. Next, we need to make three holes in a metal lid in order to obtain a triangle.


Now put the first lid in which we made holes on the second lid, put marks with the marker in order to drill three holes in it.


Pass a bolt through one of the lids, fix it with the screw. Do the same thing with the second and third bolt.


, twist a screw on each bolt approximately on a half of centimeter.


Put the second lid on and fix it with the screws.


Well guys, mini stove is ready. Let’s test it. First, light up the candle. Put it inside.


As an experiment let’s try to fry a quail egg. I think, if we succeed to do that, we could heat tea or coffee without any troubles. Firstly, pour some oil. I’ve got a simple seed-oil in the syringe. Wait till oil heats, then crack an egg, and put it on the top lid. Well guys, as you may notice, after 2 minutes the egg is ready.


So blow the candle out and remove prepared egg. Well guys, now you can prepare some delicious food without hurry sitting at the computer or being at your workshop. I’m sure that this would be prepared with a special love and care. As for me it’s a very pleasant procedure. Thank you so much for your attention. Bye-bye!

Do you know?
The first electrical stoves appeared in Russia in 1913 under the name of “electrical heating fireplace”.

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