How to make a mini safety cover

Hi my dear friends! In today’s video I’d like to show you a great idea on how to make a mini safety cover for the borer.


It will be done with a simple plastic bottle from tea, or you might find another plastic bottle with such a wide neck.


First we need a screwdriver with a fir-tree alike heading, maybe it is called in a different way. We have to drill a hole. I’ve measured everything before drilling, I’m going to show you which hole needs to be drilled, its diameter should the same as this borer screw.


We have to remove this ring and we need to drill a hole at the diameter of this screw. You can also temporarily remove a cutting disk to make it more convenient, remove the ring and drill a hole in the lid at the diameter of this screw.


Then untwist the lid, pass it through, twist the ring. Done. Insert a holder with the cutting disk.


Now you can see that the neck is wider and it can be passed through the cutting disk.


If you’d taken a sprite or cola bottle, it wouldn’t have fit. Twist it, take a stationary knife, remove the label. Meanwhile, the bottle should be transparent to see what you are cutting. Now I’m taking a felt pen and drawing an approximate shape to cut out We need to get such a shape.


Then take a stationary knife or scissors, personally I prefer stationary knife, and cut it out neatly.


That’s all, guys! Safety cover for the borer is ready. I’m going to show you it closer.


It looks quite good and cool. Let’s test it. I’ going to try to cut something. I took a lid for testing, let’s try at least to incise it.


Well friends, that’s all. As you might seen safety cover completed its task well. That’s all for today. Thank you for your attention. If you liked this idea, press like, subscribe ti the channel in case you are still not subscribed, and be sure to share my videos with your friends, I hope they’ll be interested in our channel. Bye-bye!

Do you know?
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