How to make a mini New Year tree

Hello my dear friends! In this video I’d like to show you how to make a mini table New Year tree.


Let me tell you what we need to make such a fir-tree and then we’ll get to work. Firstly, we need a hot air gun or a simple hair drier, green paint, I took fluorescent paint. I think the fir-tree would have more bright look and more beautiful. Then, we need one pine cone, a lid of a plastic bottle, one screw, decorative string of beads and a glue pistol.


As you might notice the pine cone is not so nice as it has no blossom, so let’s heat it with a hot air gun to make it magnificent.


After 10 minutes of heating a small plain pine cone turned into a magnificent beauty. Now you should insert the screw, and cover the pine cone with fluorescent green paint.


Then, dry the paint with the hot air gun. Untwist the screw, and stick to the lid.


We just need to decorate New Year tree.


That’s all, guys. Mini New Year tree with the pine cone is ready. Thank you so much for your attention. Have a great day! Bye-bye everyone!

Do you know?
There are two dates of New Year celebration in Israel – one is on the 1st of January as in Europe, and the second one is in September.

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