How to make a mini hiding with the slippers

Hi my dear friends! Many of you asked me many times where I was and why there was no videos for so long. Those who are subscribed to my second channel knew that I was having a rest at Bukovel during that time. So if you haven’t known it yet, you should subscribe to my second channel and watch the vlogs. I hope you’ll enjoy them. In today’s video I’ll show you how to make a mini hiding with the simple slippers. Well, what do we have to prepare for this? First, we need the slippers made with rubber or at least with foam PVC. We also need a stationary knife.


First of all we have to look at the slipper and find the highest part of the foam PVC. It is situated here, so I’m taking a stationary knife and making four cuts.


After making four cuts we are passing the knife through and measuring the depth.


Then pull it out and make one more cut in the bottom area.


The cuts are already done, so let’s pull the core out. I’m going to use a thread file to pull it out.


Done. I’m going to keep a flash card for 16 GB in this hiding. We take a knife and prepare a place for it. We have made a deepening for the flash card, so we can put it inside and put the piece of a foam PVC back into the slipper.


That’s all, guys! Mini hiding with the slippers is ready. I think that nobody discovers that you keep a flash card, important passwords, keys and so on. Of course, we could have made it more neatly. But unfortunately, I didn’t know that there is not the paint but a rubber coverage which is starting to come off by little. Thats all for today my dear friends. Thank you so much for your attention. Don’t forget to press like, if you liked this idea, share the video with your friends and of course subscribe to the channel in case you are not subscribed yet. The most important thing is that you should make sure you didn’t forget to leave your ideas in the comments box. It’s possible that the idea of yours will be shown in the next video. Bye-bye!

Do you know?
In Russia slippers appeared during the Emperor Peter the Great’s reign.

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