How to make a mini gun

Hello my dear friends! Today I’d like to tell you how to make a mini gun at home. Surely, a few of my subscribers contacted me and asked me to
show how to make a cross bow but to my opinion this is mainly children’s variant as it’s made of elastic.
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So let me tell you about the things we need for a mini gun manufacture. First of all we need a handle, I made it with such a bar pointed on the emery, I drilled a hole there and made a chink with the arm-saw through metal and also made a cavity with the emery to settle a bottle there.

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Then we need a bottle. Personally, this one is from surgical spirit, you also may take a bottle from surgical spirit or other medicines which are sold in such little plastic bottles. I also made a hole in the bottle with the heated nail, and the distance between the holes is about a half of a centimeter.

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We need a lid, we may use the original lid from this bottle or any other lids from mineral water or any soft-drink.
In my case the lid was lost and I took it from a soft-drink.

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We also need 2 ml syringe, piezoelectric element from a lighter and a piece of wire pointed at one end and bound at another one.

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We are going to construct all these with the glue pistol.

Let’s start! We take handle and wire and pass it through this chink in a way that the bend of the wire is turned forward. Then we put a piezoelectric element into the hole and pass the wire through the chink we made before, and also glue it.

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Next we take a bottle and pass these two contacts through these two holes, and glue all this as well.

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      So let’s move to the second part.
As I have said earlier, we need a lid from any plastic bottle, I made a hole there with the stationery knife and rounded it with the file. Also we take away the stopper from the syringe and cut its top off, then we pass it through and seal it all up with the glue too.

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            Our mini gun is ready, and I’m going to tell you how to charge it.

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We may charge it with the paper balls or balls of a food foil. I like that we can charge it with potato. For example, we take a potato and cut a slice of one centimeter, then we take a syringe and stick it in, so that the potato remains inside. We take a stick and push this piece deeper
As a fuel you may use any spray which has a sign of inflammability, we just take the spray and make one injection. It’s important not to hold it too long because it may implode in your hands. After that we twist the lid.
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        Let’s go outside and we’ll check it.

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Good luck!


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