How to make a mini gun (addition)

Hello my dear friends. Roman is here with you as usual. Today I’d like to show you how to make an addition for a mini gun, to shoot with darts, instead of foil, paper or potato balls as I showed you before.


We need needles or sharpened wire, a pen, a lid from plastic bottle, ear sticks and, of course, glue.


Take a pen to pieces, then cut off a piece of pipe to get such a sample.


Next, take a lid and make a hole in it, you can use a heated nail to do that. Then insert a pipe into the lid, and stick from the inside with a hot-melt glue.


We need to get such a heading, it’s very similar to the one for potato. The only distinction is interior and outward diameter. Let’s start making darts. Take an ear stick, cut it a one end, cover a needle with the glue and insert into the sick. We have to get such a dart.


Remove an old heading, twist a new one, and insert the dart. The invention is ready. Let’s taste it.


We made such a small addition. Thank you all for your attention. Press thumb up if you liked this video, subscribe to my channel. Bye-bye.

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