How to make a mini fountain-stream

Hello my dear friends! Roman is here with you as usual. In today’s video I’d like to show you how to make a mini table fountain, we can even call it a small stream.


First of all, we need a LED tape, a mini water pump, which we had made previously. You may watch it, if you haven’t watched it yet. We also need a power supply for 5-12V, stones, which you can find near some stream or lake bank, a plastic container, it can be bought in a supermarket, and a glue pistol.


First of all, we have to prepare a basic decoration. You have to drill a hole through the stone. Stick two stones together with a hot-melt glue, and set a pump.

Screenshot_3 Screenshot_4

Basic decoration is ready, let’s move to the setting of a LED tape and decoration of a plastic container.


That is the way it should be done. It looks nice. We just have to add the last accents, and to connect wires to the power supply. I’ve got some pieces of the artificial grass lawn I was using for my outdoors fountain. I think that it will look really cool when I stick the internal part of a mini table fountain around with this grass.


That’s all, my dear friends! Mini fountain is ready.

Screenshot_7 Screenshot_8

Thank you very much for your attention! Don’t forget to estimate the video and subscribe to the channel, if you still aren’t subscribed. Bye-bye everyone!

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