How to make a mini bug robot

Hello my dear friends! In today’s video I’ll show you an interesting idea about how to make a bug robot!


What do we need for making it? First of all we need two 3 mm LEDs, two pieces of the cooper wire of 7 cm long, a vibrator that you can take off from a mobile phone, a small switch, a connector for 2032 battery.


As a first step we need to solder the short legs of the LED to the negative side of the battery connector. The negative side is on in the center of the connector . So we take the LEDs and begin to solder. For a start, we slightly shorten the legs and then we solder them.


Next, we connect these legs together.


Now we glue the motor in the middle by using a hot glue.


And now we have to solder these two wires to contacts of LEDs, in this case a battery polarity doesn’t matter.


Then we solder the LED’s leg and a positive side of the battery connector to the switch.


In the end we have to make bug’s legs. We have to make legs like these.


Now we glue them carefully using a hot glue.


Well, guys, our mini bug robot is ready and let’s insert the battery and after that we will turn on the switch.


So, dear friends, that’s all for today. I thank you so much for your attention. Don`t forget to share this video with your friends in social networks and of course subscribe for the channel if you haven’t signed yet. All many thanks! Bye-bye!

Do you know?
The first robot like lots of other devices of the present time had been invented by the great Leonardo.

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