How to make a micro primus heater (burner)

Hello my dear friends! Roman is with you as usual! Today I’d like to tell you how to make a mini primus or as it’s frequently called — a burner. We also may call it a micro burner as mini burners are made in the cans out of Coca-Cola, Sprite and other soft drinks.


To make a burner we need absorbing napkin or sponge, used box from “Star”, awl. If you haven’t got an awl, you may follow my example: I have bent the nail and inserted it into a wooden desk. So the nail won’t move sideways while piercing something, I’ve also edged it a bit with emery. Benzine for lighters or spirits and an emery paper or, in my case it’s a metal sponge.


Well, let’s start. First thing we have to do is to make holes around this glittery line with the distance of about 3 mm between each one.


Then we take an emery or a metal sponge and polish the whole box properly.


. We have polished the box, now we take an absorbing napkin and press the bottom part of the box into it, and cut out the circle around the contour.


And the same thing one more time. We have got such two circles, we put it them into the box, pour benzine for lighters or spirits, shut down the lid.


That’s all. Primus is ready. We need a sponge to prevent burner from benzine or spirits leak and vaporing. So let’s test it.


That’s all. We have got such a mini burner. I think that this video was especially interesting to Bushcrafters, survivals or just tourists and active leisure lovers. As a lot of tourists have small bags and boxes where they keep necessary things like matches, flint stones or something else, such mini primus will occupy a little space. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, press thumb up, if you liked this video, and write comments about advantages or disadvantages of this burner, which I might have missed. Don’t forget to write your suggestions and ideas you would like me to make in discussions and comments. When I get all the necessary tools and find way of ding these things, I’ll try to make a video answer for you in the next or nearest video. Thanks for your attention one more time. Bye-bye everyone!

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