How to make a mask “face copy”

Hi guys! Yes, here is the video you have been waiting so long. It’s about how to make a mask at home. You may call it a mask or a face copy, call it whatever you like. I was very pleased that I could finally intrigued you, as I posted a photo with the mask on Instagram. Lots of people commented on it asking: Roma, when will you upload the video? We are interested in it. I wrote in the Vkontakte community that I had made an experiment, the mask was done well, but the video will appear a bit later. And there also were a lot of people who asked me: when will the mask appear ? We are all intrigued, but the video haven’t issued yet. I had to comment on the video, edit a bit. Finally, I have done that all. So first of all, let me tell you what is needed to make this mask and then insert the part I had already prepared before. To make a mask we need a paper towel or a newspaper. It’s better to use a paper towel because they are soft and covers face better, then we need a white glue, a blow dryer in order to dry it all and the main thing is a cream or a petrolatum to protect your face from the touch of the mask.


We need one more person in order to make a mask, because it will be quite problematic to make it by your self. A volunteer should lie down on the sofa or on the floor, it doesn’t matter. He or she should feel comfortable and it’s convenient for you to work too. First, we apply a cream or a petrolatum on the face, it’s better to apply more cream on the places with eyelashes, eyebrows and hair contour not to get the mask stuck to your face and to remove it easier.


Then pour a small portion of white glue in a clean bowl, tear the paper towel into small pieces and penetrate them with the glue properly. Next, we apply these pieces evenly on the face.


The main thing is that you should not tell anything to your volunteer during the procedure, particularly, don’t make him/her laugh or tickle. I know it by my own experience that it’s hard to resist such a temptation. But you should make an effort, if you don’t want to get the smiling mask.


Be maximally careful near the nose and eyes zones, don’t press the eyelids not to get the glue in the eyes. And when you are going to glue the nose, don’t forget to leave the nostrils open, not to make excuses in the police office about the experiments you was making with the person.


In the end, when it’s almost ready, you may apply a bit of glue with the brush in order to make the mask more safe, and don’t forget to dry it with the blow dryer. It’s necessarily that you hold the volunteer by the hand while drying for him to give you a sign when he or she will feel very hot.


Now the most interesting moment has come. Now we remove the mask carefully with two hands and dry it in the sun or with the blow dryer until it gets completely solid.


Here is the mask after complete drying, you may define by the knocking sound that it has been dried and it’s quite a firm one as plastic or wood.


You may already use this mask. For example, cut out the eye holes in order to see, drill two holes at the edges to pierce the elastic through. For example, you may put a wig on the head, put the mask on the face and that will look quite realistic. By the way, you may apply some make up on the mask to your liking. For example, as Halloween is coming soon, you may apply some blood to make the mask look more horrible. If you want to make it serious you should apply a human make up, an old man, because the creases are left from the towels and they will look like an old man’s wrinkles. I won’t cut anything as I had an idea to mould a gypsum face from this mask. So I think to pour gypsum inside it and get the gypsum face. I need this face in order to make some more complex masks in future. For example, with the suboxide tar or a hot-melt glue. Of course, you can’t pour a hot-melt glue on a real person not to burn the face and damage the skin, however you can make some experiments on the gypsum form. Well that’s all for today. I’m very happy. Thank you once again for your waiting for the video and for watching it. I hope you have estimated it positively. That’s all! Thank you so much for your attention! See you in the next video! Bye-bye everyone!
Do you know?
A few centuries ago in England and Scotland there was a specific punishments for women – it was a special mask which was put on their face. There was an iron mouth gag with the thorns, which made painful any movement of the tongue. Woman was exhibited at the public place. The most punished were the common scolds, and those who were suspected to be witches – without a possibility to speak they couldn’t conjure as well.