How to make a machine for soda water

Hello everybody! Recently, in one of the Chinese Internet-shops I saw an interesting device for making soda drinks at home. This device costs approximately 8-10 dollars, but the construction is very simple and we’ll try to make it with our own hands.


First we need two syringes 5 ml, a piece of pipe or you may use a drip, and two plastic bottles – one for 0,5 litters and another for 1,5 liters.


First, we take a plastic bottle 0,5, we have to make CO2 generator out of it. The principle of it’s work will be the next: CO2 emission comes out during synergy between soda and vinegar, then it moves through the pipe to another vessel. Here will be a liquid for carbonating.
Well, let’s get started.

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The machine for soda water is ready, let’s move to the testing. We need to pour a liquid for carbonating into the bottle of 1,5 liters, it may simply be the water, in my case it’s an apple compote.
We need to pour approximately 200 ml of vinegar of 4-7% into the bottle of 0,5, then we add 6 table-spoons of soda. In order to avoid the reaction between soda and vinegar while screwing the lid we should wrap soda into a napkin beforehand.

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About 10 minutes have passed, let’s try what we have got.


That’s all, my dear friends! Thank you all for your attention! We have got such a soda compote. What can I say about the taste? It has remained the same, maybe it became a little bit sour, it is because of vinegar usage for getting CO2.
Thank you all for your attention one more time! Try and do experiments! I hope, you’ll work it out too! Bye-bye everyone!

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