How to make a knife of a rapid steel blade Р6М5

Hi! Today, I decided to make a knife of a rapid steel blade Р6М5. I think it will keep fluting as this steel is usually quenched at 1210-1230 C, while isothermical annealing is made at 860-880 C. Previously, I’ve made a paper stencil, cut it out and stuck to this blade with glue. I stuck it to prevent stencil from moving while painting the picture of this knife on the metal with a marker.


Afterwards, we will cut it with angle grinder. I’m going to show you all that, and comment on it step by step.


We have got such a semi-product, I’m going to make a handle for it. I intended to make the handle with paracord, but haven’t got it, so I’m going to use lace.


Let’s test its cutting property. I’ve not sharpened it, so let’s try it. To sum up with, there’s Р6М5 steel taken from belt saw blade. I’ve made a paper stencil beforehand, put it on the metal blade, lined with marker, cut it with the angle grinder, and flattened the surface with emery, making a brim. Then, I sharpened it with a grindstone. There’s a shoelace on the handle. That’s the knife we made. Thanks for your attention. If you like my videos, subscribe to the channel, leave comments, I’ll gladly answer you. Thank you for your attention one more time, Bye!

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