How to make a jelly water melon

Hi my dear friends! In today’s video I’m going to show you how to make a jelly water melon.


Firstly, we need a medium water melon, knife, table-spoon and jelly. I picked three different packs, first with milk flavor, the second one with raspberry flavor, and the third one is pineapple flavored jelly.


First, we have to cut a water melon in two pieces. Then, remove flesh with the table-spoon.


We move to preparation of fruit-berry jelly according to the instruction. If you don’t like to use jelly powder, you may prepare it with a natural juice with the same water melon.


Pour jelly into the water melon little by little, and put into freezer after each stage till it gets frozen.


Jelly water melon is ready. Let’s slice it, and look what we have got.

Do you know?
The biggest water melon registered in Guinness Book of Records had the weight of about 120 kg.

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