How to make a hydrogen generator part 2

Now we take wires and solder after one blade. Connection scheme is the same as the accumulator plates connection scheme. To help you with that scheme I’ll attach a photo in the left hand corner of the screen.


Well, the hydrogen generator is ready. Let’s charge and test it. We’ll charge it with a simple salt solution, so put a few table spoons of salt and pour there tap water. There are different solutions, water may be mixed with solvent, baking soda or kerosene. Solution type will effect the temperature. We pour a plain water without any additives into plastic bottle. Make sure that the lids are leakproof. The most important thing is to connect the wires to power supply and test the work of the hydrogen generator.

Screenshot_7 Screenshot_8 Screenshot_9

That’s all, my dear friends! Thank you very much for your attention. We got such a small hydrogen generator. As you might have noticed, I replaced a metal lid as the previous one wasn’t leakproof. I’d like to suggest you to use another glass jars with the airproof screw lids, and use cold soldering instead of glue pistol, because silicon becomes soft after some time. Generally, I’m glad, everything is working fine. If you liked this hydrogen generator, don’t forget to press a thumb up. Roman was here with you. Bye-bye everyone!

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