How to make a home made mini crossbow

Hello my dear friends! Roman is here with you as always! Today in my video I’d like to tell you how to make mini crossbow with your own hands.


We need a few wooden putty knifes which you may buy in any pharmacy. One straw, one elastic for bank-notes, binder, and barbecue skewers.


So let’s start! I’m going to show you everything without comments.

Screenshot_14 Screenshot_15 Screenshot_16 Screenshot_17 Screenshot_18 Screenshot_19 Screenshot_20 Screenshot_21 Screenshot_22 Screenshot_23 Screenshot_24Screenshot_27

That’s all! We have got such a crossbow. Thank you all for your attention! Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, press thumb up and surely share my videos with your friends. I think that user of any age will find something interesting for himself on my channel! Thank you all for your attention! That was Roman with you! Bye-bye everyone!

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