How to make a home made a trap for mosquitoes “Raptor”

Hello my dear friends! In today’s video I’d like to show you how to make home made Raptor. We won’t kill the mosquitoes, we’re just going to catch them with a hand made trap.


In order to make a trap for mosquitoes we need sugar, a table spoon, 200 ml of warm water, yeast powder, plastic bottle of 1,5 or 2 liters, better a dark one, if you haven’t got a dark bottle, you may cover it with the food foil or a newspaper. Also we need scissors.


First, we have to cut out an upper part of a bottle, then pour warm water.


Many people may ask me what is warm water and yeast for. While interreacting of yeast and warm water carbon dioxide relieves, it’s the same that relieve a man or an animal while breathing. Of course, it attracts mosquitoes, as they are aware of the fact that if there’s a carbon dioxide, there are living creatures like animals or men, and they start arriving. Here yeast and warm water serve as bait, to which mosquitoes will arrive. Then we add a spoon of sugar and mix it properly to speed up the reaction of yeast.


We have mixed it properly and added one or two pinches of yeast.


After adding yeast, you don’t have to mix it, we just make a cover on the surface. That’s it, two pinches of yeast would be enough. Then, we take an upper part of a plastic bottle and set it.


This trap is similar to the fish trap, it has the same work principle. As a fish trapped here through the neck can’t find a way out, the same thing is with mosquito, when it flies inside, it won’t fly out of this trap. Well, we’ve set it. I think you have noticed that mosquitoes bite you in evening as they like darkness. So we have to make a dark place for them. We just wrap it with the foil, bend this border.


Well, my dear friends, a hand made trap for mosquitoes is ready. You may place it on a windowsill near a window, especially if you like to sleep with an open window, I think this trap would save you and a single mosquito won’t bite you. Also, you may place this trap in a dark corner of the room not to bother you. And the main thing is that this trap may work up to 20 days.
Do you know?
Mosquitoes obtain a unique quality of maneuvering between rain drops and remain dry during 5 minutes.

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