How to make a holographic 3D pyramid

Hi everybody! My name is Roman. In today’s video I’ll show you a great idea of how to make a holographic 3D pyramid at home. Such a pyramid costs a lot in Internet store, however we will make it at home at minimal expenses.


Well guys, in order to make a holographic pyramid we need our long-awaited glue gun, stationary knife, transparent organic glass. If you haven’t got transparent organic glass — that’s not a problem, you may use plastic from the CD box. We also need nippers, stencil, which you may download from our community Vkontakte, and also a mobile phone with the special holographic video,you may find its link in the description.


First thing we need to transfer a stencil to organic glass and the sizes should be the next: upper part width 10 mm, bottom part has width 60 mm and height of the pyramid is 35 mm. The pyramid should be situated at the angle of 45 degrees. We are going to stick the stencil on the double-sided scotch.


Then we do deep cuts with a stationary knife and then snap off the organic glass with nippers. You may even clutch the stencil in vice clamps before. We have received such a semi-product.


If the cuts are not very, you may mend it with emery paper. We have to repeat the same procedure three times more, as we have to receive 4 identical semi-products in total. The semi-products for 3D illusion are ready. We are going to remove the tape and stick them with each other.


3D hologram is ready. To be honest, I’ve already tested it and was really shocked. Let’s take our time and test it faster. First we have to situate the pyramid upside down strictly in the center. Next we take a piece of carton and cover the pyramid with it. It’s better to use carton of a dark color.


Then just turn on the video and observe it from any position.


This is the end of today’s video. Thank you so much for attention and watching the video.
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Do you know?
Our Universe is a hologram and all that we see is just a projection, researchers say.
The theory hasn’t been checked yet, however there are recent maths models confirming them.

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