How to make a holder for earrings

Hi everyone! As my girlfriend is making handmade earrings, she asked me to make a holder for them, so that she could take photos of the earrings before selling them. Today, I decided to show you how I’m going to make this holder. It’s very simple, so I’ll try to tell you all in the details.


We need 2 CDs, a lighter, a wooden brick, its length depends on the height of the earrings, an awl, a marker and a glue gun.


First, we need to put marks on the spots where there will be holes.


After putting the marks on the disk, we have to make holes. In order to do this, we take an awl and a lighter. Heat the awl and make holes. Do it round the disk.


. It looks like this. Apply glue on the leg, and stick it to the second disk.


It’s important to stick the leg evenly. Then apply glue on the top of the wooden brick, and stick another disk.


Well, we have got such a holder. You may decorate the wooden brick sticking some beads, sparkles.


To hang earrings you have to pass them through these holes. Thank you for your attention. Bye everybody!

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