How to make a heartshaped egg

Hi! In this video I decided to show you how to make a heartshaped boiled egg.


For example, you may surprise your guests or sweetheart on New Year holidays. We need a juice carton or a pice of thick carton, one egg, two elastics, a pen, a pencil or barbecue skewers.


Well, let’s start. First, we need to cut out the mould for egg. We have to get such a semi-product


we just need to boil the egg, remove the shell and set it into the mould. We should wait for 10-15 minutes till the egg becomes cold.


That’s all. Thanks for your attention. We have got such hearts of boiled eggs.


Try to boil eggs a bit longer to make an egg thicker. Thank you for your attention. Don’t forget to press thumb up, if you liked this video. Subscribe to the channel. Bye-bye everyone.

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