How to make a guideway for foam plastic floats

Hi my dear friends! First, I’d like t say that I’m very glad that a lot of you have supported the topic of making floats. This means that my idea may be helpful to someone. I don’t think that you’ll find such unusual floats elsewhere. So, I’m going to show you the second stage of making a guideway to make a hole in foam plastic brick.


Many people may ask me for what this guideway is, if one can take a barbecue skewer or an even firm wire and pierce foam plastic through. Well, it’s quite possible, but it’s hard to make an ideally even hole. For example, stick a skewer in, it’s sticking rather hardly, without making a hole, but crumbling the foam plastic inside. As you may see, the skewer went out from another side.


That won’t do to make a float. That’s why we need a guideway. In order to make it we need 2 equal plywood sheets with the length of 20 cm, height of 4,5 cm and 8 mm thick. A small wooden brick with the length of 4 cm, height of 3 cm and 1,5 cm thick. A piece of a bicycle spoke of 14 cm length. Note that it has a sharpened end, don’t forget to sharpen it with the emery paper. A foam plastic brick we cut in the previous video and a few screws.


Measure the foam plastic brick, it’s sizes are 2,5×2,5 cm. All the bricks, which will be cut further on the nickel-chromium cutter must be equal with it. Transfer the sizes on the wooden brick. Note, that it is measured from the corner. Put a mark of 2,5 cm, and once more measure 2,5 cm from the mark. Draw the square and draw the cross to find the center.


 Make a blind hole in the center according the spike diameter. Stick tightly a blunt end of the spike into the hole.


The main work is done, we just have to fix the plywood sheets in such a way.


Let’s move to testing. First, heat a bit the end of the spike to melt foam plastic instead of crumbling inside while pushing through. Push the foam plastic brick till the end and back. Be careful holding the foam plastic brick, as you may cut your hands holding it this way.


We have made such a semi-product. Take a bamboo barbecue skewer, and pass it through.


I like that the skewer is being passed very tightly. Due to that fact, foam plastic won’t turn while polishing and forming the float in the next video. That’s all for now. Thank you so much for your attention. Bye-bye!

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