How to make a greeting card transferring the picture from magazine

Hi everybody! Today I’d like to show you how to transfer the picture from magazine page to the simple sheet of paper or carton. If you are a handmade fan you may make greeting cards in such a way. We need a piece of the magazine page, bensin for lighters, or as for the extreme case you may use nail polish remover. Thin stick or a used pen, scotch tape and a simple cotton. According to scotch tape if you like ho it is packed, you may also watch the video about this.


We have to surround the picture we like with the scotch tape. It looks like this. As you may see, it is like a scotch frame.


Then we bend the frames to avoid leak of the liquid. Then, we fix the picture on the sheet of paper we are going to transfer it forward to the sheet of paper. Take piece of cotton, soak it in the liquid and imbue the picture for two minutes.


Then, sketch the picture cornerwise, pressing it to let the paint print well.


I succeed to transfer the picture in such a way.


The quality depends on the period of time you sketch it, and how you soaked the picture. The rest is up to your imagination. In oder to avoid a bad flavor, you may air the card in an open air, or use a bensin from lighter as it’s less flavored. Thank you for your attention! Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel on YouTube. I hope everyone can find interesting videos there. Bye-bye!

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