How to make a grater for chips

Hello my dear friends! Roman is with you as usual. At Ivan Vdovenko’s and his supporters’ request, I’d like to show you how to make a grater for chips at home.


Let me tell you what we need for this. There are: stationary knife blade, 4 screws, plywood, which is better to be whole and even, if you haven’t got such a plywood, you may use a piece of laminated material as I do. I’ve made four holes in it, the distance between the holes is 8 cm, and 10 cm between the other two holes.


Next, we need a wooden desk 13,5 cm, and two wooden bricks 3 cm x 1.5 cm.
I made a hole in each brick, and a saw-cut, it’s critical that it is no more than 1 mm, as the chips thickness depends on it.


Let’s start assembling. Put two bricks saw-cuts up, take one stationary blade, and insert it. Twist the screw in. Cut the ends of the screws with nippers, and twist a stalk there. That’s all. Grater is ready.


Let’s test it. That’s it.


As you may see we’ve got such slices, this one is approximately 1 mm thick, and another one is about 2 mm. It’s because of a soft blade, which bends a bit while pressing. Let me tell you about its advantages and disadvantages. The first disadvantage is a bending blade, so we get various slices thickness from 1 to 2 mm. Perhaps, if I’d dropped the blade lower, at 0,5 mm, slices could be from 0,5 mm till 1 mm. Another disadvantage is the width of 6 cm, it won’t work for big potato. The advantage is simplicity of construction and easy usage. Thank you for your attention. Thanks for watching my channel, don’t forget to subscribe, press thumb up, if you liked this video. Bye-bye everyone!

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