How to make a glue pistol out of the water heater


Hello my dear friends. As far as the most popular suggestion from you is about how to make a glue pistol with your own hands. In today’s video I’d like to show you one of my ideas of this pistol making. I’d rather suggest you to buy it, as it’s not so expensive and it would be more convenient and usable than hand made one. However, the channel is about hand crafts, let’s try to make it with our own hands.
First of all we need a teflon tape or any other non-stick coverage, a piece of tin, which you can cut out of tins, copper wire, silicone stick, wooden bar, and a small water heater.


First, we have to make a wooden handle. To do that we measure out this part of the water heater. We get about 6-7 cm, we transfer the sizes to the wooden bar. Note, that we transfer the sizes twice, because the handle is going to be made out of two wooden parts. Now we have to cut them and make a small deepening in order to stick the handles and not to have inconveniences with the core. Then we are going to round it with the emery or file to make the handle more convenient.

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I’ve got such a wooden handle. Next, we have to wrap this part of the water heater with the teflon tape in order to prevent heating and fading of the wood. And then we are sealing two parts with each other with the drywall screw or an electrical tape.


We move to the camera for hot-melt glue. I think my comments aren’t necessary here. So let’s get it started!

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Glue pistol is ready! Now we have to test it. I suggest you not to switch it straight to the socket. It’s better to switch it through the power control unit, which we have previously been making for the solderer. Due to the fact that there is no water in water heater, its temperature rises very fast and it overheats and might get broken very quickly. Thanks to the power control unit you would be able to chose a proper temperature. It’s quite an easy to use a glue pistol, you just have to press the stick and the glue starts to come out.
You may use a simple can lid as the stand.

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That’s all! Thank you all for your attention. Please don’t forget to like the video, and of course, write in comments about the things you’d like me to show you next time. Roman was here with you. Bye-bye everyone!

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