How to make a gel air freshener

Hi my dear friends. Roman is here with you as usual. In today’s video I’d like to show you how to make a gel air freshener.


First, we need ether oil, which can be bought in any pharmacy. I’m going to use a bergamot orange oil as I like its fragrance very much, even in tea. Then, food color for eggs, you may find it in any shop, as Easter is coming soon. Two jars or other vessels where we are going to pour gel foundation. You may choose more beautiful jars. Next, 15 grams of gelatin, plastic cup and a distilled water. You may use a plain water, but it spoils after some time. However, distilled water is cleared, so it won’t spoil.


First, pour distilled water into a plastic cup, transfer it to a bowl, add gelatin and heat till gelatin melts.


Gelatin solution is very hot now. So we are going to prepare jars while it is getting cool. Pour a half of color into one jar, and another half put into the second jar. I’m going to use two different colors – green and red. Then, add approximately 25 drops of ether oil into each jar.


Pour the gelatin foundation, mix it intensively with the stick, cover with the lid and put in a cool place for about 4 hours.


Gel air freshener is ready. Let’s open one of them, for example, a green one.


As you see, it got very firm, and it has very nice scent. I think it is too strong as for the room, so you need to close the lid from time to time. If you don’t like such a scent you may add less drops of ether oil. Thank you so much for your attention and for viewing the video. Bye-bye!

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