How to make a gaming wheel

Hi my dear friends! In today’s video I’d like to show you a great idea on how to make a gaming wheel for a mobile device. I think that such a wheel will pick up your spirits and you will spend a great spare time. What is needed to make such a gaming wheel.


First of all we need a few wooden pallets, four pieces of a copper wire, one of 27 cm and three pieces of 23 cm. Also, we need a piece of carton 20×10 and a glue gun as well.

05-05-2016 11-39-10

First, we have to wrap two shorter wires around a long wire in the center. I’m taking nippers to do it with ease and bend in this way. One end and another.

05-05-2016 11-40-42 05-05-2016 11-41-24

Well guys, we have to get such a semi-product.

05-05-2016 11-42-05

Do the same thing with another wire. Then we have to stick two semi-products to the sheet of carton. The first one is stuck, then stick the second one.

05-05-2016 11-43-24

Now we have to make a holder for a mobile device. We need wooden pallets and mobile phone. Firstly, put a mobile phone on the wooden pallet in the center. Take scissors and cut pieces of another wooden pallets and stick on the sides, in front and on the back.

05-05-2016 12-01-50

We have got such a holder.

05-05-2016 12-02-54

Pick the longest wire, pass through two these semi-products, bend one end and another one.

05-05-2016 12-07-58 05-05-2016 12-08-34

Now we have to stick holder for a mobile phone strictly in the center.

05-05-2016 12-08-51

We are going to make a wheel also of a piece of copper wire. To bend a round form we need something round. I’m going to use a piece of a polypropylene pipe. Take a wire and bed it around the polypropylene pipe.
We have to get such a semi-product.

05-05-2016 12-09-05

Semi-product pass it through this piece of copper wire and stick it in such a way with a hot-melt glue. Apply some glue on the top, on the center. It has to dry a bit and then we’ll apply some hot-melt glue underneath.

05-05-2016 12-18-46 05-05-2016 12-19-05

That’s all, guys, a gaming wheel for mobile phone is ready. Thank you in advance!!!


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