How to make a gaming vibro-mouse with your own hands

Hello my dear friends! Roman is here with you as usual. As you might have noticed the weather is bad, it’s dull and rainy. And I think that a lot of you like to watch films or play video games in such days. Today I’m going to show you how to make a gaming mouse with a simple one. Exactly the mouse with vibration. I think that those who like shooters or any other video games will appreciate it.


For production of this mouse we need a burner or a lighter, a switch, which you may take from any toy or some old player, or a radio, a mouse, a dowel or a nail, a phone vibrator, or you may use a simple motor from old toys. I use phone vibrator as it’s more compact, powered by 3,7 V, mouse has 5 V and it helps the motor work faster. Also, as you see I have soldered two wired and it already has a disbalance. If you are going to use the motor, you need to make such a disbalance with a piece of wood, and stick it.
There’s a screw driver, glue pistol and a solderer on the table.


. Let’s start! The first thing we have to do is to take the mouse into pieces. We see three contacts near the left click on the backside. We have to solder a wire of the motor to the middle contact.


We link the second wire of the motor to any wire of the switch. Polarity doesn’t matter here, you may link motor and switch both to plus or minus pole, because it affects the vibrator turning direction only. The second wire of the switch we have to link to the red colored connector.


We have put together all the details, now we have to fix them on the mouse body. It’s very important to measure properly the places of vibrator and switch situation. That’s important because when we will put together the body of the mouse the details shouldn’t touch the mouse’s body.

Screenshot_4 Screenshot_5Без имени-1Screenshot_8

Our mouse is ready. As you may see I have placed the switch on the right. We will be able to switch the vibration function on and off. Well, let’s test it.


So we have got such a modification. Thanks for your attention! Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, press “like”, because you stimulate me to make more and more videos and make them more interesting as well. Thank you all for your attention once again! Bye-bye everyone!