How to make a folding chair for fishing

Hello my dear friends! In today’s video I’m going to tell you how to make a chair for fishing or picnic.


Firstly, we need 3 wooden pins of 60 cm in length and 4 cm in diameter each, also we need one eye bolt with a disk and a screw, one simple bolt with a disk and a screw as well, 3 separate disks and 3 screws for wood. We also need a drill or a screwdriver, and 2 boring tools – one for 6 mm, another one for 1 mm. In conclusion we need some textile to cover the seat with. It’s better to use leather. In order to retrench I found such boot and cut its top off.


First of all we have to prepare wooden legs. Measure 25 cm from the edge of each pin and make a hole through each of them.


Then you have to drill one more hole on the top of each leg right in the middle, where we will fix the seat later.


Cut an isosceles triangle from the leather, with the sides of about 26-27 cm.


All the details for the chair are ready, let’s move to assembling. Insert a long bolt into the through hole of a leg


 put an eye bolt on it, and insert into the hole of the second leg. Place the third leg on the eye bolt, screw it, and cut off the odds with hacksaw.


Attach the seat to the legs in such way that easch angle touch a leg, apply disks on the screws and twist into the hole made before. Hand made folding chair is ready.


Now you can go fishing.

Do you know?
Chair is the favorite assistant of suiciders who decided to hang oneself.

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