How to make a fire pumpkin

Hello my dear friends! Today we have got the last video about Halloween as it comes in a few days, on the night of 31st October. Perhaps, somebody is tired of the videos about Halloween, but the most people liked them, and that is very pleasant for me. Thank you very much! Of course, there’s no Halloween without a fire pumpkin, by the way the fire pumpkin is a symbol of Halloween fest. You can find a legend about it’s symbol and drunk Jack through the web. Actually the legend is very interesting. I think I’ll ask the administrators of community Vkontakte to write the post on this legend. Today we are going to make a fire pumpkin, but it will be unusual one because it will be not just light up, but also release a smoke, some kind of glycerin vapor. Well, I think that would be interesting for you. First, I’m going to tell you what we need for that and then we’ll get to work.


First thing we need is a medium pumpkin, then a table spoon, a knife, scissors, glycerin which you can buy in pharmacy without any problems, or in some art departments or soap manufacturing stores, as glycerin is also used for manufacturing of soap. We also need a lighter, a candle, and a tin can.


Firstly, we have to cut out the lid on the fruit-stalk side, and then take all the flesh out of it with a table spoon.


Next, we curve eyes, nose and mouth, it all depends on your imagination.


We have got such a monster. Next, we take a tin can, cut it in two parts, then cut some kind of legs on the sides, it’s necessary to do it to prevent candle from blowing out while being under this aluminum cover. Well, we have to get such a semi-product looking like chair.


Now we open our pumpkin, it’s better to light up the candle before, and put it inside, cover it with our sub-product. We should get something like this. Finally, pour some glycerin into this shell. Glycerin is not toxic at all, I saw it has been even added into hookah to provide more smoke. Here it is.


. Now we need just wait till glycerin heats and begins to release a kind of smoke or vapor. So let’s turn down the light and see what we have got.


Well guys, here it is. Here is a lot of smoke. I’m turning on the light for you to see how cool it is. The main thing is that there is no smell at all because of glycerin, which has non toxic smoke, so you don’t have to worry. Wow, it’s so cool! That’s all. Thank you so much for your attention. Subscribe to my channel, leave comments, I’ll read them, and of course,answer if possible. Bye-bye everyone!
Do you know?
In 1974 an eight year boy, Timothy O’Brien died of cyanide poisoning after eating a candy on Halloween. It was discovered later, that his father ensured each his child for $20 000, and that he had poisoned his own son and was going to poison his daughter too.

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