How to make a drill

Hello my dear friends! Roman is here with you as usual! Today decided to make a mini-drill. As I have been dreaming of a mini-drill, Dremel or so-called borer for a long time. However you may know that nowadays a good instrument costs much, so I decided to manufacture it with my own hands. Of course, in won’t be so powerful, but it may be used for small works, for polishing or drilling something.


Well, let me describe things I’ve got on the table: a simple wire, a socket, which you may buy for about 5-6 dollars. There are also collet sockets. I chose this one instead of collet socket because when you change a big drill to a small one you need to change cassettes and it hasn’t a key for drill fixation. And in this socket we don’t have to change anything and there’s a key. This is a simple bottle from soap bubbles, I’ve bored a hole in the lid and cut the bottom.


. So let’s start. The first thing we have to do is to attach drill to the motor. I’m going to take a piece of cotton with spirit and clean it properly to remove the fat and stick it with a hot glue. If the construction will be loose and the socket will vibrate I’m going to substitute a hot glue with the cold soldering. This is a mineral and polymer composition, there are two components, when we mix it in a hand, it becomes similar to plasticine. I’m going to stick the hole and attach to the motor. Because the cold soldering has the same hardness as iron, and there’s a 100 per cent guarantee that the socket won’t fall off.

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We have glued all the details properly, the socket is sticked well, time will show it. Now we have to solder the wires in series to the power wire, motor wires and to the switch.


That’s all. Our mini-drill is ready, you may use it through the power supply unit or the accumulator batteries, as I do.


I preferred the accumulator batteries as mini-drill becomes mobile and we may use it in places without installed sockets, and this drill weights a bit. It’s quite easy to insert the drills in the socket. For example, insert the drill. There’s a key as one set with the socket. Then we lock it. Turn on, it works perfectly. That’s all. Thank you all for your attention! Don’t forget to leave comments, press like button if you liked the video, and subscribe to the channel if you are found of hand crafts as well as I do. Have a nice mood and a great day! Bye-bye everyone!

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