How to make a compressed air barrel

Hello my dear friends! Roman is here with you as usual! Today I’d like to tell you how to make a compressed air barrel. Of course, before making this video I’ve read the information on the forums and watched a couple of videos, and noticed that almost everybody had the same construction as they were using a fitting for nipple, they were twisting the fitting and then setting it on a cold soldering or on epoxide. To my thinking, such construction is a bit complicated and impractical, as nipple has been replaced with the valve long time ago. Now let me tell you what we need and how to make it. First, we need a fitting from a bicycle or a car. We have to polish it beforehand with file or emery. It is needed to remove all the rubber, as it was attached to the wheel, it was covered with rubber. Also we need a valve with a cap. You may use any barrel out of deodorants, in my case I use a furniture spray.


First, we have to drill a small hole in the bottom as it has thicker metal than barrel walls. In order to make the construction more safe, diameter of the hole should coincide with diameter of the fitting.


As we are going to solder it to the barrel, we need a qualitative flux. In my case this flux is good even for aluminum soldering, I bought it almost for 2 dollars. Let’s start. First, we have to polish the hole properly with an emery piece, then insert the fitting, pour some flux, and solder these two details.

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Let’s move to the upper part. We have to remove the green plastic piece, and then drill out the core a little bit.


That’s all. The hardest part is over. We just have to stick a straw, twist a valve and inflate the barrel with air. You may use any pipe instead of a straw, even a pen pivot. I’ve chosen a straw because it has a corrugated part, which is maneuvering, and will help us to reach out inaccessible places. Such barrel withstands pressure of about 7 atmospheres, but we are going to inflate it with 3-4 atmospheres for safety, as soldering may fail to withstand it.


That’s all. Thanks for your attention. I think that you will be able to clean your computer, printer, keyboard, or any other household appliances from dust with the help of this barrel easily. Also don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, press like, if you liked this video, and of course, write your ideas and suggestions in comments or in channel discussions. Thanks for your attention one more time! Bye-bye everyone!