How to make a chocolate candle egg

Hi my dear friends! As far as Easter comes soon, so let’s make something for the holiday in this video. Let’s make a chocolate candle egg. This name may sound strange maybe weird because of the fact we will make both two things.


So in order to make a candle in the shape of egg we take a glue tape, a shape of egg. I’ve been thinking a lot about how to make a mold of egg by myself and decided not to complicate the work and just take this box from kinder joy. We also need chocolate, two cups. One contains wax we will melt later. The second cup needed for melting chocolate.


First, lets prepare the box. This two forms should be put close and stick around with the scotch tape. We have to get such a semi-product.


Then make a small hole with a stationary knife to pour chocolate through it.


The next stage is melting of the chocolate on a water bath. Then after melting the chocolate we pour it into the mold.


Then put this chocolate mold in the refrigerator for about 5-10 minutes. Time has run out, chocolate got frozen. So let’s open the mold and look at the result.


That’s all, guys! Chocolate egg is ready. Let’s do the same procedure with the wax.


That’s all, guys! Chocolate egg and a wax candle are ready. Thank you so much for your attention. Don’t forget to press likes and subscribe to the channel.

Do you know?
The biggest Easter egg’s weight 2 tones and it’s length is about 8 meters!

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