How to make a candle at home within 1 minute

Hi everybody! I think that everyone encountered the situation when the electricity is turned off and there is no lantern or candle at hand. Today I decided to tell you how to make a candle withing a short period of time and at minimum expense. We don’t need a lot of things, there are margarine or butter, a toothpick or a gel pen ink and a paper towel. There are a lot of ways of how to make a candle at home. Here is one of the ways. Well, let’s start and see what I we get. There are butter, paper towels, a gel pen ink, scissors and lighter on the table.


Butter will substitute paraffin, and paper towels will substitute the wick. Quantity of butter matters, because the more butter you add, the longer candle will burn. I’ve got butter piece of 8 cm height and 5 cm thick. The first thing we have to do is to make a hole in the butter.


Then, roll a piece of towel in a pipe. Next, we put the piece of towel in the hole we made before, and deepen it with the ink. Cover the piece of towel with butter.


The candle is ready. Let’s check how it burns.


The duration of its burning depends on the piece of butter and towel. The deeper we inserted it, the longer candle will be burning. Thanks for your attention. Don’t forget to subscribe if you like my videos. The link is below. Thanks for your attention one more time. Bye everyone!

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