How to make a butterfly napkin holder

Hi everybody!
Today I’d like to show you one more idea of a present for the 8th of March. We are going to make a napkin holder.


First, we need a stencil, which may be downloaded from our community Vkontakte, the link is in the description below the video. A plywood of 4-10 mm. I’m going to use plywood of 8 mm as a thiner plywood will be too light, and napkin holder will be unstable. We also need a drill or a screwdriver, a piece of emery paper, white glue, wood polish and the main thing is the nickel-chromium cutter we were making before. You may substitute it with the fret saw, but it’s going to be more beautiful using the nickel-chromium cutter, as it doesn’t carve, but burn out the wood. Let’s start the work. Apply some glue on the plywood or paper, and stick the stencil.


You can make a napkin holder of any size. So if you think the picture is too big, you may minimize it on the computer or printer. Make holes with the drill or screwdriver in the separate figures to cut it out.


Then, remove the nickel-chromium wire from the handle, pass the wire through the hole, and attach it back to the handle. Turn on the handmade nickel-chromium cutter, begin to burn out figures that are inside first, and the contour in the end.


It’s an important issue to fix the semi-product before start of burning out. Also, there should be a good ventilation of the room, as it produces much smoke. We have to get three items – two butterflies and a holder for them. Remove the stencil, and polish the semi-products with emery paper. If the grooves came out uneven, you may make it even with the thread file.


Apply some glue, stick it.


We just have to cover the napkin holder with the polish or wood stain.


A handmade present for the 8th of March is ready. Good luck in the creation! Don’t forget to press thumb up if you liked the video, and subscribe to the channel, in case are still not subscribed. Bye-bye everyone!

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