How to get fire from the bottle

Hello my dear friends! Roman is here with you as always! Today in my video I would like to tell you how to get fire from a simple plastic bottle. For that we need a plastic bottle from any soda drink, we also need to fill it with water to obtain such an air bubble.


Next, we take the thing we would like to fire. It may be just paper.


The best is to take the paper with the dark fragments or some black and white pictures. As far as you know the dark things inflame faster. And if we are going to use some wood, it would be better to use a powdered wood, because it inflames faster. It works very easy. A bottle and water concentrate the sun beams into a small point. So it works like a simple lens. So we concentrate the sun beams, I’m going to show you that, I am in the room and it’s not so easy to do. You may see it just a bit. So let me go outside and show you all that without comments.

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As you might have noticed, I was able to do it very easily. So, try and do experiments, and you will be a success! Thank you all for your attention! Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and watch my new videos, which are hopefully interesting for you. Thank you all one more time!
Bye-bye everyone!

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