How to get electricity from potato

Hi! Today I decided to try to light up a lamp with potato. We need a potato, two types of nails – copper and zink ones, connecting wires and a lamp. Let’s look what result would be.
We’ve got a tester on the table, I took it to show you how much electricity can be got from one potato, connecting wires, LED lamp, two types of nails – copper and zink ones and, of course, potato.


First we have to lay the potato.


. I took 10 potatoes for the experiment. Then, we take a zink and a copper nail. I’m going to show you the example and then I’ll speed up the shooting.
Take a copper and a zink nail and stick them into the potato on the both sides. We get such a picture. Do it with each potato.


Next, we have to connect all the potatoes with each other. We will use connecting wire to do this. By multiple connection we attach one wire to a copper nail, another one we attach to a zink wire. Do the same procedure with each potato in a chain.


After we connected the wires, let’s check what electricity we get from 10 potatoes. Set the multimeter on 20 V, connect it to the potato. As you may see, the potato provides 5 V.


Let’s try to connect LED lamp. Take a LED lamp and connect it to the potato. As you may see, the lamp is lighted up. It’s bright here, so you may not see clearly, but I’ll show you it this way, so you could see it blinking.


That’s how we got 5 V from 10 potatoes. Thank you for your attention. Subscribe to my channel, in case you didn’t understand something, feel free to ask me on skype or through comments on YouTube. Thanks! Bye!

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