How to get a wine cork out with a pack

Hello my dear friends! In today’s video I’d like to show you how to get a wine cork out of a glass bottle. You may ask me why I’m going to get a cork out of an empty bottle, why not to throw it away. It’s always easy to throw something away, but I don’t want to do it, because the bottle is very nice, it’s decorates with flowers and butterflies, etc. Removing the label and a cork, you may use it as a carafe for wine, juice, water or other drinks. Also, you may ask why the cork is inside the bottle and wasn’t took out with corkscrew. There was no corkscrew at hand, so cork was pushed inside and left there. In order to get a wine cork out of the bottle we need just one plastic pack. Gather it this way and pass inside the bottle.


Then, turn the bottle vertically, so that the cork stands vertically too.


Open a plastic pack a little bit, and inflate it. After you inflated the pack, hold it tightly in the hand, not to leak air, and pull it little be little. As you see, cork is going out, and we continue to pull it.


You may notice that it’s easy to pull it out. It’s better not to use thick packs, as it might restrain the cork, which might result in break of the pack and failing to get the cork out. We continue to pull the cork, it’s almost done. Here is our cork.


As you see, it’s very easy to do. I’ll remind you once more, that you shouldn’t use thick and big plastic packs.

Do you know?
There’s a so called drifting plastic isle near USA coast. It’s a formation of unutilized wastes of 3,5 million tons weight.

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