How to cut a bottle in two with a shoe-lace without fire!

Hi everybody!
In the previous video I have shown you how to cut a glass bottle or a jar with the thread, spirit and fire. In today’s video I’m going to tell you how to cut a bottle or a jar with the help of just one shoe-lace. The first thing to do is to find two points for binding the shoe-lace. In my case it is a simple frame, you may bind it to the trees, or any other things. Then we wrap the shoe-lace around the jar. You have to measure needed length for the shoe-lace beforehand.


Pass it through, measure the place of cutting the jar, and just pull the jar to and fro.

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As you see, we have done it well. From this part we can make a glass. These all is very easy to file down with the emery paper and you may make a ceiling lamp with this part, it would be nice too. All depends on your imagination and your ideas. Thank you all for watching the video. Don’t forget to subscribe! Bye-bye everyone!