How to cook a dressed herring with Roman Ursu and MORENADIY

Hey guys! Today I’m going to make a video not alone, but with my girlfriend, by the way, she has her own channel named MORENADIY. If you are interested in girly handmade crafts, as I hope and do know that there are ladies among my subscribers. Boys and girls, welcome to the channel MORENADIY and feel free to subscribe. Today me and Mariana, by the way say hello to the audience. Hello! We are going to cook a dressed herring. Personally I don’t know how to coo it, so I asked my girlfriend to try to cook a dressed herring together today. However, we are not going to prepare it in the the traditional herring dish, but we are going to make mould with a plastic bottle. Well, Mariashka, tell us what we need to prepare a dressed herring. Meanwhile, I’m sorry to interrupt you, Mariana can speak Russian not very well, that’s why I will support her sometimes. Well, what do we need? First, we need mayonnaise, it’s olive mayonnaise, maybe somebody wonders which one to use classic or olive, we use olive one. Then we need potato, carrot, beet, eggs, parsley and herring. We chose the fillet of herring as it is without bones, but not simple one. So you don’t need to remove the bones. We had diced the herring. We also need plastic bottle without prints to make a mould with it. One grater, not two. A spoon and a plate.


First of all, let me cut the mould, and Mariana will look at this. We won’t need these pieces any more, put them aside. Now let’s look at the mould. The mould should touch the plate. As you may notice, there are no leaks or chinks. It’s even.


Now Mariashka, tell us what we need to do. Firstly, we need herring, the first layer is the herring one. I hope I’ll do it right.


Frankly speaking, I was always wondering how to make the dressed herring, because as for the first sight it looks like a difficult and long procedure. But when I saw which ingredients we need I was shocked of how simply it can be cooked. Look at this, is it alright? Yes, it is. Then add potatoes. We need to grate it, don’t we? Yes. Right. Now we take a grater. Shell we use a thick or thin one?
Use the thick one. I got it. We are grating the potatoes.


Mariashka, look whether I do everything right. That’s enough, right? Yes. Because I can grate with all my heart and we will it potatoes itself. I should even it, shouldn’t I? Right. That’s OK. Good. Then, the turn of mayonnaise. How much should I put, little or much of it? Just a bit. A bit. Well, I will add, and you’ll tell when that’s enough.


Enough. Enough? Well, that’s enough for the mayonnaise. Even it. It looks like a sandwich with the different boiled food. It begins to look like dressed herring. It’s like an exam for me. I’m worrying about the result, because the girlfriend will try it and tell whether it is good. What’s next? Beet.


Grate it too, tell me when to stop, OK?. Good. Because I can grate to much. More? Yes, sure. Wow! We are going to eat enough beet today. That’s it! Really? The herring will have a warm fur. There are all so savoury. What’s next? Mayonnaise


Again? Yes, sure. Yes sir! Mayonnaise. This dish is exactly for those who want to keep fit. Is that enough? Because we are joking, but I can add a lot of mayonnaise as from my heart. Even it. Is it good? Yes, it is. Then what? Then carrot. Well, carrot.


More? Yes. Enough. Then even it. OK. We have a lot of carrot. No, it seemed to me that it’s too much, but it changed when we started to even it. That’s alright. Mayonnaise.


Well, mayonnaise… Enough. I feel like I’m a barman, like mayonnaise, carrot, beet, I just need to spin carrot in the hand. It looks like Olivier Russian salad. More and more mayonnaise. You should even it. This is the lat layer so it must be very nice as for sale. I got it. As said the chief so did the working man. More? No, that’s enough. Because I can even it more. What comes next? Eggs. Should we grate them too? Yes, yes. But first, let’s remove the mould. Pam-pa-da-dam…


Oh…it’s cool! Wow, great! Now we should divide the yellow from white of the egg to make it look more beautiful. Put parsley and the spoon aside, and divide it. This way? No, do it like this. Good. Be careful. When I pressed it with the finger it began to crack.


. I hope that’s alright, as I can’t see it from the top. Be careful, it’s dropping a bit. I’m muffing a bit. I think that’s enough. Enough? Yes. Is that OK? Yes.


It look cool. Now we take a yolk and complete the second part.


Is it OK? Put some in that corner. Yeah! How should we put parsley, this way, or just lay it down. Better that you do it. Good, I will. Oh…I feel that somebody will eat something tasty. That’s it.


Wow! It looks very nice, because the layers are seen well. If you simply cook a dressed herring in a special dish, there will be seen just the top of it. Here we have got such an exclusive. Everyone may watch all the layers one by one.


Mariashka, I’m giving you the opportunity to try it first. Would it be good to use the spoon, or should I bring a fork? That’s alright. Well, try it and tell. Chew it till the end, don’t tell at once, because nobody believes us. Just…delicious. Just…I’m speechless. It’s cool, very cool. Let me try. No, let me help you. You put much carrot for me. No, it will be tastier. Mmm…Do you like it? Yes, it’s very tasty. Delicious! It feels like New Year is coming soon, as a dressed herring is often served for holidays such as New Year as well as Olivier Russian salad. Well guys, it’s just perfect! Thank you again to Mariashka for helping to cook this dish. I hope you enjoyed this video. Don’t forget to subscribe to Mariana’s channel. Make a little present for her in honor of New Year, it would be very pleasant for her. Thank you so much for your attention. Happy New Year to each of you! I wish you positive only! Bye-bye! Bye-bye!

Do you know?
Dressed herring or just “fur” — is a popular salad made herring and boiled vegetables of in Russia and post Soviet countries. Its history isn’t rooted into the deep ancient times. The salad was created just in the early 20th century.

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