How to bleach a picture on the T-shirt

Hi everybody! In today’s video I’m going to show you how to make a New Year print on the T-shirt with the bleacher.


First, we need a T-shirt, it can be of any type, size and color except for white, as this print type doesn’t look good on the white T-shirt. It’s not of big importance to use T-shirt, you nay use any other clothes, it just should be made of cotton or denim. Also, we need a bleacher, a piece of self-adhesive wallpapers, which will be used for the stencil cutting, and a pulverizer for plants.


In order not to dirty the T-shirt through, you need to put a piece of carton inside. Then, stick a stencil of the self-adhesive wallpaper on the T-shirt.


We just need to spray the bleacher on the picture. It’s important to be careful, as it can run and the picture can be unclear, or we can spoil the T-shirt. Leave it for 10-15 minutes, and then we’ll remove the stencil.


That’s all, my dear friends! We have made such a T-shirt. I’m very happy with the result, as firstly, I thought that self-adhesive wallpapers wouldn’t be so good, and the contour of the picture would be a bit blurred. However, you might have noticed that the picture is quite clear, the contour is distinct. As for me, the T-shirt is very nice and creative. That’s all for now. Thank you for your attention. Don’t forget to press thumb up, if you liked this video. Share my videos with your friends, subscribe to y channel, if you are still not subscribed. Thank you so much for attention. Bye-bye!

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