Decorative fairy tale mushroom

Hi everybody! In today’s video I’m going to show you how to make a nice decoration with alabaster for your house or room, or fountain as in my case.


I’m going to tell you what things we need. There are alabaster, it gets firm faster than gypsum, also it’s crude as against gypsum. You may use either gypsum or alabaster, it doesn’t matter. We also need two brushes, scissors, plastic bottle, two paint colors – white and red, and a transparent lacquer, one package, deep bowl, a vessel for mixing and water.


First, we need to dissolve alabaster in water to sour cream consistence.


Then, take a plastic bottle and cut it. We need to get something like this.


Twist the lid tightly and pour alabaster into this semi-product.


Leave it for 10-15 minutes to get firm. Alabaster has been firmed. We are going to take a knife and cut the bottle in this way, not to damage alabaster.


We have got such a semi-product.


Let’s move on. Cover the plate with the package. It’s needed to make mushroom look more natural, and prevent from sticking of alabaster to the plate.


After filling the plate with alabaster cover it with cling film and press in the prepared piece in the middle.


It is going to look like that. Leave it for 10-20 minutes to get firm. It has been firmed. Remove the cover film. Pull out of the bowl and remove plastic package. It looks like that. Take a knife and polish the odds.


The cap is ready. I’ll show you how to put it on, it’s very easy. So we have got such a mushroom.


We just have to color and polish it. I’m going to show you it without comments.

screenshot_14 screenshot_15

I’ve made such a mushroom


it needs to be improved a little bit, I will give it another brush and cover it with polish. If you liked this video, press thumb up and subscribe to my channel. I think everyone can find something interesting for himself here. I’m going to share this video in the social networks as Odnoclassniki, Facebook, Vkontakte, the link will be under the video or near it. Thanks for your attention. Bye-bye everyone!

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