How to make logo prints on T-shirts

Hi everybody! In today’s video I’ll show you how to make logo prints on T-shirts using wax pencils. We need wax pencils, T-shirt, logo or text stencil we wan to print. I’ve got the logo of the Roman Ursu channel. Pencil sharpener, a few clips, a sheet of paper, a piece of carton and iron.


Fanta with pepper flavor for the 1st of April

Hi my dear friends! The 1st of April is coming soon. It’s a day of jokes fun and pranks. We like to laugh or play a trick on somebody. So in today’s video I’m going to show you a cool idea of tricking your friends. We need two cans for this trick. One should be


How to make fireballs with the mouth

Hi my dear friends! I think each of you had been interested in the question how does a fireman blow out the fire from the mouth. In today’s video I’ll try to tell and show you this. We are going to repeat it at home. Well, what is needed for this matter? We need to


How to make a gaming wheel

Hi my dear friends! In today’s video I’d like to show you a great idea on how to make a gaming wheel for a mobile device. I think that such a wheel will pick up your spirits and you will spend a great spare time. What is needed to make such a gaming wheel. First


How to make exotic banana ice cream

Hi guys! Today I’d like to show you how to make a simple banana ice cream at home.                                                                          We


How to make a mini gun

Hello my dear friends! Today I’d like to tell you how to make a mini gun at home. Surely, a few of my subscribers contacted me and asked me to show how to make a cross bow but to my opinion this is mainly children’s variant as it’s made of elastic. So let me tell you